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Certified Transitional organic crops
To meet growing demand for organic products, Bunge North America now offers Certified Transitional dry milled corn ingredients.
These ingredients are made from US-grown transitional corn certified by Quality Assurance International, an accredited organic certifying agency, and Bunge pays farmers a premium price for the corn.
The process for organic certification takes three years of transitioning land from conventional to organic farming before growers can
sell crops at a premium organic price. This cost keeps farmers from making the switch. Certified Transitional enables farmers to sell
crops during those three years at a higher price, which encourages them to make the change.
"Thanks to our robust supply chain and long-standing network of farmers - including those progressing to certified organic -
Bunge is uniquely positioned to provide a reliable supply of Certified Transitional corn ingredients to complement the rest of our
USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project verified grains and oils portfolio," said Mark Stavro, senior director, marketing, Bunge
North America.
By supporting farmers with this initiative, Bunge hopes to strengthen the organic supply chain, so the industry can keep up with
consumer demand.
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Masking plant proteins
Plant proteins can come with some undesirable aftertaste and off notes when used
in formulations to boost protein. Symrise Flavors N.A. developed a toolbox of
masking flavors designed to overcome these challenges in non-dairy applications.
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Premium almond oil
Blue Diamond Almonds Global Ingredients Division introduced premium almond oil for the food ingredients market. The almonds are pressed through a
chemical-free, physical refinement process then purified with vacuum and steam.
The oil has a clean, mild flavor and can be used in a variety of applications.
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