Baking & Snack - April 2018 - 77

Get quality results you can depend on
from our team of bakery experts.

Bake with the Best Blends
Dakota Blenders is a leading supplier of functional mixes,
bases and premium ingredients for top wholesale and retail
bakeries. Whether you need a ready-made mix or want to
develop a custom formula, our experienced team of bakery
experts will work with you to meet any speciļ¬cations.

Toll Free: (800) 383-0958

There's a Reason "Specialty" is
our Middle Name
Whether you're looking for a toasted crunch topping or a multigrain blend, our bakery experts will work with you to design
a custom formula that meets your speciļ¬cations and exceeds
your expectations. You can trust that we'll deliver a consistent
product, superior taste and cost-sensitive performance.

Toll Free: (844) 633-2746

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